Friday, 18 September 2015

Cozy On Up Collab + New CU + Last Chance

WOOHOOO! It’s Friday and not only is it the beginning of the Rugby World Cup ( which is a great excuse for get togethers and celebrations here) -


Taken in 2011 …….. Can’t wait to see you guys all tomorrow ;-P

But it’s also NEW RELEASE day @ TDP.

I’m soo super excited to have been able to collab with the ever so talented Amber Shaw ( who is guesting at the Digital Press this month!). We so loved working together that we have already set a date for the next one! So love when that happens ;-P. I know you are going to love our Collaboration as much as we did creating it..


Cozy on Up : Full Kit by KimB & Amber Shaw

* INCLUDES the JOURNAL CARDS below as a FGWP with the Full Kit*

Contains:  31 Papers + over 80 Unique elements


Cozy on Up : Journal Cards by KimB & Amber Shaw

*Available separately*

And OH EM GEE, my CT wowed me totally with their creativity with this kit..

Jenni  By Jenni

Alice  By Alice

EllenT  By EllenT

Bekah_E  By Bekah_E

(13)<br />(15)<br />(2)<br />(20)<br />(21)<br />(24)<br />(25)<br />(3)<br />(4)<br />(7)<br />(8)<br />(9)<br />CVW_SupplyTracker<br />Cozy on Up : Full Kit by KimB & Amber Shaw<br />Layer 10<br />Layer 11<br />Layer 12<br />Layer 13<br />Layer 14<br />Layer 15<br />Layer 17<br />Layer 18<br />Layer 19<br />Layer 19 copy<br />Layer 2<br />Layer 20<br />Layer 21<br />Layer 21 copy<br />Layer 21 copy 2<br />Layer 21 copy 3<br />Layer 22<br />Layer 23<br />Layer 23 copy<br />Layer 23 copy 2<br />Layer 24<br />Layer 24 copy<br />Layer 25<br />Layer 26<br />Layer 26 copy<br />Layer 26 copy 2<br />Layer 27<br />Layer 28<br />Layer 29<br />Layer 29 copy<br />Layer 3<br />Layer 30<br />Layer 31<br />Layer 33<br />Layer 35<br />Layer 36<br />Layer 37<br />Layer 5<br />Layer 6<br />Layer 7<br />Layer 8<br />Layer 8 copy<br />Layer 8 copy 2<br />Layer 9<br />Story Telling Vol.1 Page Drafts by The Nifty Pixel<br />february 2015<br />  By Danica

Conny  By Connie

Cozy and Warm  By MotherBear

Biancka  By Biancka

Deborah  By Deborah

Amber  By Amber

Alina  Hybrid Planner made by Alina ( Gorgeous!!)

KimB_6  By Me

* Please see Detailed Previews for a ton more inspiration *

The Cozy on Up : Full Kit + FGWP and Cozy on Up : Journal Cards are now 20% off… and if you are a TDP Newsletter subscriber you will find an additional 20% off coupon!

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Texture Pack : Clip Me Wood Paint 1


Bloomers : Mixed 01

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Sept '15 CU Grab Bag

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I have a little Blog Freebie for you today that coordinates with the Cozy on Up : Full Kit 


Layered Paint stamp/Mask – Download it HERE.

I hope you all have a really great weekend further – I know I can’t wait for tomorrow with SA playing their first match for the World Cup. Bring on the headache and hoarse voice- lol.

Hugs and Loves


Friday, 11 September 2015

The Flu + New CU Grab Bag + Freebie

AAAAK, I caught the full blown FLU! Not your general bad cold, but that nasty son of a bitch FLU that knocks you flat on your back for days with high fevers, aching joints and sore muscles and then leaves you sooo tired you can’t lift your head for more than 15 min before wanting to lie down again- blah.. I haven’t been that ill in over 15 years! Poor Wayne was seriously having mild panic attacks as he has never seen me like that either. He was wonderful though, and ran around getting me meds and making chicken soup etc for me. And how do I thank him>>>? He just phoned me now from work to say he is feeling terrible and running a fever. SORRRY love.. EEEEK, well at least I’m more or less well enough to handle a ‘sick man’ in the house now- BWAHAHAHA.

I also got an amazing email from our long time friend Mike who lives in the same hometown and my ‘boy’ Nathan…all it had in it was an attached PDF and no msg. So knowing it’s Michael I just opened it and AHHHHH,-------


I’ts a newspaper clipping of my BOY!! (3rd from left kneeling) He made colours for angling/fishing again and this was in the local newspaper. Thanks Mike, it really did make my DAY!

With being ill the last week and bit I never got around to showing you my portion of the Special Edition @ TDP for this month.

I know they are not on sale anymore -  but I have ‘bundled’ them together with more than a 50% off saving for you today……..

The-RightNote_Bundle6The Right Note : The Bundle

Each product is available separately and coordinates with all the other talented designers Sept 15 Special Edition products:

And some CT inspiration for you using the above Bundle>

sing out loud

By Julie

cs-therightnoteBy Conny


Hybrid Card by Tanya


By Deborah


By Jenni


By Christelle


By Danica


By Bianka

Check out further product details RIGHT HERE

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Sept '15 CU Grab Bag

$5 gets you 6 products as shown below for a limited time only! Don’t miss this great deal.






And a BONUS >>>>


with the purchase of my Sept '15 CU Grab Bag

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I hope you have a fantastic weekend further and wish me luck for the weekend with dear hubby. Oy so feel for him right now though. ;-(

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 28 August 2015

Last Chance $1 products + New CU + Freebie

Gosh seems like forever again that I have blogged. Good excuse this time though ;-P. My dearest hubby went and made this old girl bawl like a baby two weeks ago. My old ‘work horse’ PC has been giving me issues for a while now.. no matter how I cleaned her up (including a full format at the beginning of the year- eeek) .. she was just plain worn out. You know- like we get as we grow older and the bones/muscles start moaning early in the morning and they battle to get going?- BWAHAHA. So I sent hubby a little ‘wish list’ a few months ago when he asked for Christmas and Birthday ideas to keep with a ‘dream build’ PC and a note saying ‘well if we ever win the lottery’- lol.
Two weeks ago I open my mail box and I see a reply to this old mail with just ‘I love you’ and an attachment on it…… OH EM GEE… he had bought it for me(without any special occasion warranting it)!! And a few added extra’s that was thought would make life easier using all my Adobe programmes. Yeah, I was shocked into total DUH mode for a few moments and then just burst into tears. Couldn’t even speak to him on the phone and all he could do was laugh at me and say I deserved it. Gosh I seriously don’t know how I actually deserved my man. ;-P
I received her last week and before just throwing things on her I decided to do a little clean up of all my designing folders and back ups… BWAHAHAHAH.. it took over THREE days to do that. Once I started I just had to finish and do it all right. And as of yesterday I am sitting smiling on a ‘neat clean and SUPER fast’ machine. WOOOHOOOO. Thank you my love. XXX 
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I have a few new CU goodies up today.
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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs and Loves