Friday, 29 May 2015

New CU + Forum Fun + Freebie

Gosh, it's supposed to be winter here already but it's still quite warm. I remember last year this time I had my 'winter woolies' out, winter PJ's and boots etc..and right now I still haven't put on a pair of socks to keep the 'toetsies' warm- lol .So weird!

We have a little 'celebration' fun going on @ TDP this weekend. This week marks TDP's "half birthday" ... ( I can't believe time has flown so QUICKLY!) We opened our virtual doors exactly 6 months ago... and in celebration, we have something awesome waiting for you in the TDP forum! 
Don't delay in checking it out, however, because it's only valid through the end of this weekend (expires Sunday 5/31 at 11:59pm ET).

*hint* - if you were looking for something special in my store.. now's the time to get 'hunting' for a BIG coupon ;-P

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 And a little CU freebie today:

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 
Hugs and Loves

Friday, 22 May 2015

*New* Fields of Dreams + CU + Freebie

I had a request a while ago from one of my 'fellow' friendly South Africans and wonderful team member Christelle for a 'cosmos flower' themed kit. We have cosmos growing wild up here in the 'veld' (bush/field areas) and it always brightens up the freeways and roads making the city actually look fresh and pretty. It looks  like a sea of bright pinks/magentas and whites swaying in the breeze when they are in full bloom. Seriously gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy this 'pretty spring' kit as much as Christelle and the rest of my CT did..

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kb-FieldsOfDreams-_kit6 Fields of Dreams : The Kit


25 papers (+variations) : 41 Unique elements + 20 Word strips +5 Word art + 2 Paper bit Alphas

Remember to use the EXTRA 20% off coupon in TDP Newsletter for additional savings!

My CT seriously out did themselves again.. so much amazing inspiration!

Jenni  By Jenni

Ellen  By EllenT

Wild Child  By MotherBear

Connie  By Connie(x1)

Jude  By Jude

Stef    By Stefanie

KimB  By Me

************* Freebie ALERT 1 *************


You can pick up these coordinating JOURNAL CARDS (includes a print friendly set too) right HERE: 

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kb-PnP_44  Pats n Prints : 44 

************* Freebie ALERT 2 *************


And I have a CU pattern freebie for you in my NEWSLETTER today ( don't miss it)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves


Friday, 8 May 2015

Wedding and grab bags OPEN + temp freebie

Wow, this last week has been a real blur. Time flew by so fast running around with all the wedding prep and getting venue/flowers/bouquets and our place to stay sorted. It didn't all go that smoothly, but then again it is ME we are talking about.. lol.

I used my sons old 'fishing bakkie/truck' while I was in PE (renting a car for a week is rather an expensive option and well wheels are wheels right?).. it's old and rusted but I love driving it because it's FUN, small and zippy....BUT the drivers side door does not open via a KEY (it's bust).. so you have to open the passanger door and lean/climb through and open the drivers door from the inside ( you're getting that picture everytime I go somewhere - BWAHAH)..... It didn't worry me ( hey it's part of the cars character).... UNTIL the night after our 'pre wedding dinner' and while opening the gates of my mom's driveway with the car running of course so I can use the headlights to see what I'm doing..... I hear 'click'. oh hell NO..  lol..... the door and swung shut (due to angle of driveway) and had just clicked closed.. I know I LOCKED the passenger door as I'm driving by myself.. the keys are in the ignition with the car still running and both doors do NOT open!.. lol. No problem to me, I break into my own car through the canopy at the back and squeeze myself through the little side window into the back which I have now forced open..(my mom is now starting to laugh). I force the small window open into the 'main drivers area but my boobs are too big to squeeze through! LOL.. I manage to get a piece of long wood to pry the passenger door open thank goodness and had to then re-climb OUT the back and hop through the front to get the car parked.. It did leave me with some very interesting bruises that I still have today actually! lol

The Wedding was out of town and the cabin we had rented for the weekend decided to blow it's geyser ON the day of the wedding! I was sitting making up Ants(bride) and the bridesmaids bouquets outside when Nathan came running to say water was pouring out by the bathroom.. EEEEK. Like seriously?? So a plumber was called and the owner of the cabin gave permission to have the geyser replaced. I HAD to be at the venue by 2pm as there was still all the final arrangements to put in place before 3.30pm. Know when I got water??? OMG, 1pm!! I had 1hr to dress, get my hair done and makeup and get to the venue to meet up with the minister and get the catering times sorted. BWAHAHAHAH- yeah, I wasn't very happy but it wasn't 'my' day it was my dear friend Ants...At least I managed to get myself nearly all together. ( I also stuck my foot right through my stockings in the mad rush - so lilly white legs + bruises were just going to have to do!) lol.


My dear friend who looked STUNNING and radiant on her wedding day. ( That's her bouquet I made which she LOVED... we had used Protea's through the decor too)


Being Matron of honour and the Master of Ceromonies for the night had me running around a lot.. I am NOT used to anything with a heel as I am a 'flatties' girl through and through.. and what do I do?.. I fall in a small hole while having photo's taken and my foot ached a bit but oh em gee... it killed me later through the night. Swelling up like a balloon -you know when you are too scared to take the shoe off incase you can't get it back on scenario? BWAHAHA- well nothing small about me. I actually sprained my foot and have not managed to get a shoe on this whole week. Nothing like a good excuse to sit in slippers all day- hee hee


(photo's thanks to guests/friends on Facebook- lol)

Gosh enough yakking .. even though I missed all the NSD celebrations I did have some grab bags up that are now open if you missed them.

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  Bloomers : Shabby 2

  Pats n Prints : 43 

Texture Pack : Messy 5


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  Charming : The Kit

Charming : Word Art

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Charm-Collection Charming : The Collection

Some more AMAZING CT inspiration for you today:

Christelle By Christelle

Conny  By Connie

Jenni By Jenni

rae By Rae

Biancka By Biancka

Alice  By Alice ( going girly- yay!)

My-heart  By Me

and you can grab the FREE TEMPLATE (PSD, PNG + Tiff ) from my page right here today:

Freebie-temp  Download it HERE.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend further.




Saturday, 2 May 2015


Happy National Scrapbooking Day (Weekend) everyone. I can't believe I'm missing it AGAIN this year. But for good I'm Matron of Honour + Mistress of Ceremonies at my BF's wedding on Sat 2nd May. A little nervous about the 'MofC' part.. but then again I've never had a problem yakking away. lol.

I am sooo hoping this is just going to work as it should with no hic cups as I won't have any connections were the wedding is being held.

*********  Sugar Hill Co CU Blog hop at bottom of post ********* 

Lets start with Celebrations @ The Digital Press.


We have some fun challenges in the FORUM HERE + a 40% off STOREWIDE SALE and a lot more.

I also have a iNSD GRAB BAG up for only $5!

It's perfect for all those 'gentlemen' in your lives both young and old ;-P


iNSD May 2015 Grab Bag : KimB


6 Full sized coordinating products

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<< Some amazing CT creations >>

( I'm early so please pop into TDP gallery to see more)

EllenT  By Ellen T

Stef  By Stef

Boy  By Julie (Motherbear)

Jude  By HeyJude

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I also have a LIMITED time iNSD Grab Bag.

grab-bag_may  KimB's iNSD '15 GRAB BAG

* please see in store for more details and previews*

*********************** TOOT TOOT ***********************


If you get lost or you have any issues along the way , just pop onto the SugarHillCo Blog.

Here is my portion of this fantastic CU Blog train:


You can DOWNLOAD it right HERE. 

Follow the arrows below to move to the next train station

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Have a fantastic 'shopping and scrapping' weekend.

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 17 April 2015

Simple Pleasures + New CU + Freebies

EEEEK, gosh it seems forever that I've blogged or had something new up. Real life seems to have hit full tilt crazy again.. well, when doesn't it in this house right?? lol. With painters and renovations going on, wonderful South African 'load shedding' (NOT!!), family staying over and now a wedding for the 2nd May I'm helping with (as well as being 'Mistress of Ceremonies') I need a few more hrs in the days at the moment.. anyone got some to spare?? BWAHAHA

I had a fabulous time at Bushmans River over Easter with the family and have a ton of new 'beachy' pics to scrap. So these were the inspiration for my new kit/Collection today. I can't have enough beach/sea theme kits in my stash as most of my photo's are taken at the river or beach. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it..

20% off this weekend + grab an EXTRA 20% off in TDP Newsletter today ;-P

simplePleasures-Kit9  Simple Pleasures : The Kit

simplePleasures-JC  Simple Pleasures : Journal Cards

simplePleasures-alpha9  Simple Pleasures : The Alpha

simplePleasures-WA-9  Simple Pleasures : The Word Art

Or Want it all... then don't miss the COLLECTION.

simplePleasures-Collection9  Simple Pleasures : The Collection

My CT have seriously outdone themselves again.. just check out this amazing inspiration.

Alina  By Alina

Ellen  By Ellen

Jenni  By Jenni

Biancka  By Biancka

Another Day in Paradise  By Motherbear(Julie)

Ruthy  By Ruthy

Juli  By Juli

Alley  A Hybrid card and envelope by Alley

Alice  By Alice

Connie  By Connie

Cornelia  By Cornelia

Cynthia  By Cynthia

KimB  by Me

I have a little coordinating FREEBIE for you today:


You can grab them right HERE:

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NEW today @ 25% off

kb-TM_MnM2  Tie Me : Mix n Match 2

kb-VFramers14  Vintage Framers 14

*********** Freebie Alert 2 ************


And you can grab this CU freebie in my Newsletter today:

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Hugs and Loves