Thursday, 17 April 2014

On my way + sign up for HUGE Free Collab

Gosh it's been a busy two weeks but sooo much fun. My dear Texan CT member and close friend Vicki arrived safely in SA Tuesday last week. And I had to laugh as dear dear Vicki after organizing a tour for Mozambique which is in a 'malaria' zone FORGOT her malaria tablets in Texas! So what is the first thing we do while Vicki is here??? ....... mmmm, Yup, the FIRST thing Vicki does is a visit to a doctor so she can get a prescription for some more tablets. BWAHAHAHAHA. Nothing tooo exciting about that for sure. lol

We did manage to get some entertainment in on the weekend and did some 'tourist shopping' on Sunday. Then it was a get together with Jenni and Mark for 'lunch'... can we just say it was more liquid than solid- BWHAHA.

After a few cocktails and LOTS of talking and laughing who needs food right? We did eat but gosh, by the time we got home the wine was talking more than the food in my stomach- lol


Taken by Wayne.. who looks like he had had a few beers to many too ;-P

I'm leaving today to take a long 12hr road trip ( oh goodness save my @ss) to meet up with my kids and family at Bushmans River. I can't WAIT to see them and haven't seen them since Dec!! We will be picking Vicki up at the airport in PE next week after her exotic tour to Mozambique to join us.

It's also Nathan's Bday on Sat the 19th.. golly I can't believe it was 23 years ago that he was born. Dang I'm getting old! BWHAHAHA.

Before I leave... don't MISS this Wonderful chance to grab this FREE HUGE collab by the awesome designers @ Pixels&Co ---------------------------


Are you subscribed to the P&Co newsletter? We have a new mega collab freebie for you if you are... The link to download Dream was in yesterdays Featured Favorites memo. Not yet subscribed? Go sign up, and you'll get it too! - It's GORGEOUS!

I will have mail but not much else while away.. but will try hard to update before I get back. Wishing you all a Blessed Easter with your loved ones.

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 4 April 2014

Creeped out Friday

hahaha- lets just say that the following New Release is a little 'out of my comfort zone or box'.. but gosh, have I had fun creating it and playing with it too.

I don't know how many of you know about the fabulous DigiDares site? Not? If you love scrapping and enjoy a great challenge then you have too join in the fun every week.. and you can win fantastic prizes from your favourite designers too.

I have an upcoming 'feature' week in MAY ( 23rd to be exact) with a 'dare' that is rather fun, different (and scary- lol). The owner of DigiDares .. the talented Paula Kesslring, asked me to join her in a collab pertaining to the theme of my upcoming Dare. Of course I couldn't resist and if you are up trying something new and different...then now is the perfect time to give this a go...;-)

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kb-CreepedOut_collection1Creeped Out : The Collection

Contains:  42 Papers : 87 Elements : 25 Brushes : 21 Words : 12 Flairs

All 300ppi (Brushes in PNG +.Abr file)

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Both our kits (also available in the Full Collection above) are available separately too. 

kb-CreepedOut_kit6Creeped Out : The Kit

And Paula's Full kit can be found HERE:  Creeped Out {KIT}

********************* Inspiration  ********************

Our CT's had a blast playing with this.. just check these fantastic and arty pages out. I have another one half done too.. way tooo much fun -lol

Jenni-Arachnophobia By Jenni

Jenn By Jenn

Renee-CreepedOut By Renee

Paula By Paula

Jenni2 By Jenni (x2)

creepedmrspeel Mrs Peel

pk-dread-the-dentist-creepedrachel By Rachael ( oh and can I relate to this one- eeek!)

KimB_HellNo By Me ( and Wayne is sooo going to kill me for this one- lol)

So many different styles and my CT forum is filled with all our story's of what we are scared of and what stupid things we do when we encounter our 'phobia's"..LOL.. it's been a good two weeks of yakking and laughing and 'cringing'.

I have a little add-on Blog Freebie for you today that coordinates with the Creeped Out : The Collection:


You can GRAB IT HERE :

Don't forget to use your coupon in my newsletter today too.. Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

75% off SALE (No joke) + New Company Stash

Happy 'Aprils Fool Day' and it's the SALE of the year time... crazy crazy prices with most of store @ SugarHillco 75% OFF and that's NO JOKE ;-P.

Perfect time to stock up on some 'creating stash' for the year. I've just done my shopping too..... YIPPEEE!! Better RUN though....... it's only for 24 hours and you seriously do NOT want to miss this one!


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kb-TP_paper11 Texture Pack : Papery 11

kb-TP_Svintage7 Texture Pack : Subtle Vintage 7

kb-TP_Svintage8 Texture Pack : Subtle Vintage 6

And being the 1st April today we have the fantastic Co. Stash Pixels&Co all 30% OFF right now

Here is my take and the soft pretty swatch this month.. perfect for you spring creations and pages. (These all coordinate with the other designers products too- so you can pick and choose what you want- so AWESOME!)

kb-TimeOut-Flutters-6 Time Out : The Flutters

kb-TimeOut-Frames Time Out : The Framers

kb-TimeOut-prints-6 Time Out : The Prints

kb-TimeOut-blooms-6 Time Out : The Blooms

And I have a TON of inspiration for you from my CT and Amber Morrison's CT using her awesome templates - these are also 30% off!

southernserenity_playfulspringno1_folder Playful Spring No. 1

southernserenity_playfulspringno2_folder Playful Spring No. 2

Bekah_PlayfulSpring-1 By Bekah

Jenni_Adore By Jenni (x1)

Renee-Kiss Kiss By Renee

cs-sunshinesmile_CONNY By Connie

Raquel by Raquel

Diane By Diane

sunshi10_HEIDI By Heidi

time-out6pybu_KERSTIN By Kerstin

Don't miss the SALES today.... Hugs. XXXX

Friday, 28 March 2014

New CU + freebie

WOOHOO- I have my voice back ( well almost- lol). I know sound like a good mmmmmmmmm.. let's just say 'phone sex worker'- BWHAHAHAHA. It's raspy and sort of disappears when I talk too much- which yeah happens often. hee hee. But it's good to be able to answer back without feeling like I'm screaming all the time (man that can make you tired!) and having to repeat myself due to Wayne going 'huh?".. what did you say..! shoo normality back ;-P

Today I have some New Commercial Use goodies..

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kb-PnP-Damask5 Pats n Prints : Damask 5

kb_TM_dotty6 Tie Me : Dotty 6

kb-TP_Subtle6 Texture Pack : Subtle Vintage 6

Be sure to check in store for close up 100% details.

And I have a texture freebie sampler for you


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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend . Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

50% off Featured Fav Tuesdays.

We've just had a public holiday long weekend this side and I'm now sitting with a great case of in not even a croak. lol. We joined our old PE friends Charmaine and Donald on Saturday for a 'social/rugby and braai'..and lets just say that Charmaine and I together are not the quietest of people to have around. Serves me right I suppose ;-P. Wayne says it's extremely peaceful in the house at the moment.. mmmmm, thanks Waynie! 

But enough yakker as today is Featured Favourite TUESDAYS @ Pixels&Co which means 50% OFF for you until Thursday.

This collection still tops my fav 'creation' list.....and my CT's too.. ;-)

kit6 Spirit Wild Child : The Kit

Kit contains.
28 papers 12x12 JPG
60 Unique Elements

Or want more to play with.........Grab the WHOLE COLLECTION @ 59% off too!

Collection6 Spirit Wild Child : The Collection

Collection contains. Full Kit: 6 Scenic papers and matts : Alpha : 8 Word art

Need some Layout inspiration and help ?...

Check these amazing CT creations using  Spirit Wild Child : The Collection + these awesome templates by Amber Morrison .....50% off today too:

southernserenity_labellavita_folder La Bella Vita

20622yr By Christelle

spirit-wild-childkzuuw_KERSTIN By Kersten

southernserenity_badrep_folder Bad Reputation

SSD_BadReputation1_SIMONE By Simone

Let-Your-Heart-Soar_JENNI By Jenni

and a few more to get your creativity going.......

Alina By Alina

carolyn By Caroline

ruth-dreams By Ruthy

bed_dr10 By Bekah

kb-WildChild_web And one of a double I made of Caden and had printed already ;-)

Don't miss it!! Check in store for some close up details too. Have a fantastic day and I hope that by tomorrow I will be talking and laughing out loud again! BWHAHA. Hugs and Loves

Friday, 14 March 2014

NEW - kit and CU + freebies

*sob* winter has hit us early this year I think as it's freezing today, which had me climbing my shelves this morning to dig out a warm hoodie. LOL I was waiting for that lovely 'creeek' noise of it breaking but thank goodness it's still whole! lol ........ And to top it off- it is STILL raining! uhuh... two weeks solid! We have had flooding all over the area and more predicted. Now I know I love me some rain....but mmmmmm ok, enough now. Internet speed is like playing Russian Roulette here at the moment.. most days slow like the sludge outside. LOL.

And this is how this kit came to be...... I was singing 'let the Sunshine' in this past weekend for some unknown reason (maybe for the lack of sun- LOL) and it got stuck there........ and developed into this warm 'sunshiny' kit.

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letSunshinekit6 Let the Sunshine In : The Kit

Or if you prefer just the papers for those Hybrid Projects ( see below for inspiration) they are available separately.

letSunshine6 Let the Sunshine In : The Papers

And some amazing CT inspiration (even though I threw this at them last minute!)- Love you guys and thanks sooo much. XXX

ruthy By Ruthy

sunshine-600_zpsfb1892be By Alina

Sunshine-1 By Jenni

Sunshine_zps2f2557e8 By Renee

Jennifer By Jennifer

mySunshine_web By Me

And I was soooo thrilled when Loucee sent me this... She loved the papers so much that she wanted to use them in a HYBRID card. (She also said they printed out fantastic - woop.)

loucee-card_zpsda6bc833 copy

And she has made up a 'print and cut' FREEBIE for you too.. yeah we all begged her for it- lol


Be sure to pick this up on Loucee's BLOG right now

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kb-EdgyPlay_01 Overlays : Edge it Play 1

kb-WoodVeneer_Darks Layer Styles : Wood Veneer Darks

kb-WoodVeneer_Mids Layer Styles : Wood Veneer Mids

kb-WoodVeneer_lights Layer Styles : Wood Veneer Lights

Or the FULL BUNDLE @ 40% off

kb-WoodVeneer_bundle Layer Styles : Wood Veneer Bundle

***************** FREEBIE ALERTS ****************

You can pick up these coordinating Journal Cards for Let the Sunshine In right here today -kb-Sunshine-JC

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And this CU Wood Veneer Layer style sampler FREEBIE in my Newsletter:


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend... I think I'm hitting the shops for some warm woollies..... BWAHAHA. Hugs and Loves